Hey there! As you can already probably tell by this website’s name, my name is Jessica Morrow. Here’s a picture of me, just so you know I’m actually a real person:

Jessica Morrow is a 25 year old Australian thriller/speculative fiction writer, as well as a creative writing/journalism graduate.  This is the place where she dumps her unrestrained creativity, attempts to improve her craft, and shares her thoughts on writing, ethics, philosophy and a number of completely random topics.

Her short stories have appeared in The WiFiles, Deakin University’s Imagine Journal, Linguistic Erosion and Larks Fiction Magazine.

If you’d like to contact Jessica with thoughts or comments, you can interact with her via this blog or on Twitter.


The focus of this blog will generally be writing about writing, excerpts of short stories, notifications of my publication history, the progress on my novels and other works, my opinion on various social issues, book reviews, and sometimes I like to show off my amateur drawing ability. I’ll try to blog regularly, but expect a post at least once a month, almost always at the end of the month. Just go to the Blog section to start reading!

Hope to see you around this blog more often!


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