Each day around the world, billions and billions of things happen. Most of these are not newsworthy enough to be plastered on every single newspaper, news program, radio show, Twitter or blog. It will be on this page that I will give my opinion on those random news stories, big or small.

If news is written to inform the reader, not to generate profits, then the news will be better.

The Fifty Percent Review is the website where I talk about politics and the news. The Fifty Percent Review aims to present the news in a centrist, less radical light. In an era of extremes—from the extremes of The Guardian, Salon and Mother Jones to Breitbart News and Fox News being considered the norm—I hope that The Fifty Percent Review will be a breath of fresh air. Centrism is not dead. Internet echo chambers have made it seem that way. I hope you enjoy reading The Fifty Percent Review.


While at university, I produced a number of radio and video journalism productions, including this one about Victoria’s obsession with the AFL. Is footy just an—albeit huge—part of being Australian and keeping our citizens healthy and aware, or is it overshadowing and ignoring more important issues in favour of a quick entertainment buzz?

I also did a radio piece about rape culture and a current-affair style video on Australia’s pure obsession with buying stuff. They’re not reproduced here at the asking of the interviewees.

For more of my Leader newspaper articles, you can check out my portfolio here.


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