Jessica Morrow writes for fun, relaxation, catharsis and escapism. One day she hopes her works will inspire others. You can read whatever she decides to share with the world here:

Short Stories and Flash Fiction

Shades of Grey – A short story about a dystopian world where colour and individuality are sin. This was originally published in Imagine Literary Journal #2 in 2011.

Maelstrom– A young boy, Eli, struggles to find his mother in a landscape that threatens to change who he is. An experimental flash fiction set in the universe of a future speculative superhero series. This originally appeared in Linguistic Erosion e-zine.

Eighteen– Originally written as an experimental piece for my first year writing class, about an eighteen year old who is caught up in the disappearance of a millionaire. It was originally in Larks Fiction Magazine.

By the way– This is one of the few romantic pieces I’ve written, and was originally in The Daily Love.

Resistance is Futile– Hamish is a picture-perfect guy who lives in a world where being normal is all that matters, until that normal world is challenged by an unassuming girl from his past. Resistance is Futile appeared in The WiFiles in August 2014.

You can also read We are Nobody and Blacktail’s Journal straight from this site.


Chasing Shadows – Written especially for my first year writing class, Chasing Shadows tells the story of the disturbed Claire’s relationship with her older brother Jacob.

Dead Man’s StopBased on events and people in the Taman Shud case of Adelaide, Australia in December 1948, Dead Man’s Stop is the tale of Ava Doyle, who is trying to escape her old life. A man winds up dead exactly where she’s hiding. What exactly is their connection?

If you want to learn more about writing, just click on ‘Categories’ on the right of the page, and select ‘Writing.’


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